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Lucky stars

February 10, 2010

Lucky stars

It is such a perfect day.  You know, the one where everything comes together.  They are rare, but when they happen it is worth just stopping and giving yourself a pat on the back, particularly when you are self-employed as there aren’t many people about to do it for you.

I have had an amazing week.  The one thing I love about working for myself is the unpredictability of it all.  The one thing I don’t like about it is the unpredictability of it all!

At the end of each week, I plan out what I would like to achieve in the week to come, but this week it all changed (for the better!).  I had had a meeting at St George’s Crypt.  They are a homeless charity in Leeds and I am keen to work with them to create images that challenge peoples’ preconceptions about the ‘clients,’ – the people that they support.  I am a great believer of synergy though, and there are a number of people from different walks of life who are interested in helping the Crypt as well, so I am trying to get everyone together as I am sure that we could create something far better if we work together than if we work alone.  I will keep you posted.

I have also been working on my social documentary photography – capturing images that tell a story, and have meaning.  This took me down an unexpected path when I met Michael.  He has been homeless in Leeds for years.  I learned something from him though.  He reminded me how lucky I am.  He was happy for me to take photographs of him though I sometimes forgot as I listened to his story.  He is an amazing person; he doesn’t take up beds in hostels as there are people worse off than him such as the elderly and young runaways.  He counts his blessings that he is healthy and not disabled.  I was freezing as I spoke to him, but he had slept out in the snow.  I bought him a cup of tea as I left, remembering to count my lucky stars.

As I write, I have had an enquiry through my website from someone interested in commissioning a piece of artwork based on two flowers together.  This isn’t meant to be a record of how well I am doing (this week), but to inspire those of you who are sat pressing send/receive, as I know how that feels, but by holding your nerve and getting out there, it will come.  Good luck.  Kirsteen x


Creating contemporary photographic artwork to match an interior design

February 10, 2010

This time it was easy.  I was contacted by someone who has recently finished redeveloping their home, and what a home! A beautiful property with even more beautiful interior design.  They wanted something to finish off three spaces, and simply had a look at my website and chose the images that they wanted.  I took a tape-measure around so that we could pick the right sizes and hey-presto, three canvases are on the way to them. 

It isn’t often that easy.  I have an enquiry at the moment where someone wants to commission something specific to match their decor.  I love this kind of a challenge!