Glass half full

We took the kids to the Kings Street Workshops in Pateley Bridge today.  Strange experience.  They arrived and were starving so we decamped to a little tea shop (and filled it!).  They were each allowed £6 so chose carefully off the menu.  They asked what Wensleydale, Ciabatta and Brie were – reminders that they may not have travelled far from home.

I sat with MC and Loveheart and had strange conversations about being in court and being sentenced.  There seemed to be a bit of a badge of honour about the crimed that had been committed, but also a definite desire for better things, namely a car and their own business.

They all behaved very well in the cafe.  Ting even offered his chair to an elderly man.

We went around the workshops afterwards, but there weren’t many open.  The day was saved by Sanders & Wallace, however, and their glass-blowing.  The kids thought this was ‘peng.’

Ting was captivated and narrated throughout the creation of a vase.  Juliet asked them lots of questions about how they set up their business!

I heard today that ProjectSpace in Leeds are interested in talking to me about exhibiting my photography alongside the young peoples’ artwork and also screening their short film.  I am so excited!  I am going to go and have a chat with them on Wednesday…


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