Six degrees of separation

Everyone seems a bit hyperactive today.  It is a phenomenon belonging to week 5 – the combination of the pressure to complete the work for awards and to get the short film sorted out.  Moderators are due in soon so the kids need to be coached to get their work in as good a state as possible. 

The film is coming on well, with Loveheart and Romeo taking the lead roles today as Juliet is not in.  The kids come and go when they have appointments, meetings and court appearances so I never know who is going to be in each day.  I am worried about how the final film will be made as it is going to be shot over two days.

Ting excelled today.  For his apprenticeship he wanted to show the others how to do a ‘piano roll.’  This meant downloading some software and concentrating for the WHOLE day to create a tune so that he could demonstrate how it was built up.  He hasn’t had a laptop for a year as his broke.  When he had added the drum & bass to the melody, it was described as ‘sick!’

He only creates music for himself though.  I asked him why he doesn’t contact a producer, and he said he doesn’t know anyone.  I told him about the six degrees of separation.

His work was so good that Sue has asked him to create a tune for the opening of the film.


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