Something in common

College was a hive of activity today.  There was a moderator on-site and the kids all showed him their books.  It is incredible, but our Summer Arts College is almost a model of best-practice; there is just something about it that ensures that it is so successful.  I think that it is about trust and respect.  We treat the young people well and they return the favour.  We are also very flexible and we notice when things aren’t going right and immediately change either the situation, the combination of people, the location or the activity.

I had an interesting discussion with him about the power of photography to tell a story and to raise awareness of an issue.  I hope that my exhibition will do exactly that.

I am sure that Romeo and Juliet have competition in Loveheart and Ting! 

Romeo and Juliet had the funniest, and yet saddest conversation earlier where they compared convictions and discovered that their first crimes were the same.  People build their relationships on having something in common, but this isn’t what most people have in mind.

I am sure that the college is a breeding ground for germs as one tutor is back off sick-leave but now Sue is feeling ill.  She isn’t sure whether she will be well enough to come on the trip to London tomorrow which would be such a shame.

At the end of the day, I visited ProjectSpace in Leeds and they were very supportive.  They like my work and have offered me exhibition space in for a 4 week period anytime between mid October and December.  I believe that this will give my work, and the project the exposure I think that it deserves.  I am absolutely delighted.


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