It’s been emotional

Tough, tough day today.  The young peoples’ workbooks are being moderated tomorrow to make sure that Sue is marking them correctly, so they were driven hard all day to make sure that their books captured all of the hard work that they have done.  There was a realisation among a few of the kids that the end is approaching fast.  Juliet’s eyes filled up, bless.

They were encouraged to review the experience of attending the Summer Arts College.  One person said that they weren’t depressed any more and they were even off the tablets.

Attendance is a bit rocky.  One girl didn’t arrive til (very) late, one lad isn’t bothering to come as he’d done a lot of work in his book so felt sure it would pass without any more input, and one lad went fishing instead!

(staff ringing kids, parents, friends of kids, relatives of kids….)

Tension and stress affected the kids in different ways.  Some buckled down and worked hard. Some didn’t and I wondered why they weren’t worried about the deadline, but pretty soon staff would be humming around them cajoling and helping them so perhaps they know that the staff will get them through?

Others became aggressive.  Romeo and Juliet took forever to complete their work as there was a lot of hitting and messing about. 

Ting fed off the energy levels and got louder and louder.

I asked what the home lives of these kids is like, as I am worried about what they will return to after college ends.  Of course, not all homes are like this, but one of the kids will be returning to a home where their parents lie on their behalf and swear constantly.

Interest in the project has been widespread, with coverage now in the Yorkshire Post, The Guardian online, Leeds Live It Love It, The Yorkshire Evening Post (YEP) and I will be interviewed tomorrow by BCB – Bradford’s Community Radio (4.30pm 106.6fm if you want a laugh!).  Here is the YEP coverage:

The kids are filming all day tomorrow.  I just pray they finish – and that they pass


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