Hug a Hoody

Well, the moderator came in today and guess what?!! The kids got 13 Bronze Arts Awards and 9 Silver!!!!!!  I am so proud of them!  He asked the kids what they thought of the experience and it was summed up by Ting who said “I see life in a different way now.”

They re-sat their numeracy and literacy tests in the hope that they have improved after 6 weeks.  We’ll see what the results show. 

When they were asked why they came to the Summer Arts College, Ting said he thought it would change his life around.  Romeo explained “I’ll go back to jail if I don’t come here.”

We were supposed to spend the day filming today but unfortunately the cameraman’s father died last night so it is rescheduled for tomorrow.  That was when we were supposed to be going on a trip so we have had to re-jig things.  One funny misunderstanding was that ‘we are going out for us dinner’ on Friday, which I thought meant an evening meal (and makes it really difficult for me at home) but ‘dinner’ is ‘lunch’ so that is fine.

I read through some of the reviews of the course that the kids wrote and they were heartbreaking.  I will put their words into my book which I am going to prepare in time for my exhibition.  This is now confirmed at ProjectSpace, Leeds from 6 November for a month.  I am going to show my photography, their artwork, and screen their short film.  I can’t wait.

I was interviewed by BCB, Bradford Community Radio.  It was an interesting discussion about the power of art and creativity to help offenders turn their lives around.  My dog was woofing in the background though! : )

Ting was so grateful and thanked us all for running the summer arts college for them and spontaneously hugged Sue.


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