Lights, Camera, Action

We spent the day filming today.  It was hard-going as there was a lot of waiting around for those who weren’t acting.  Some made more pictures, though, and the results were really good. 

I had a bit of a chat with one of the YOTS staff today.  She had previously been a policewoman.  I thought that would have been good training for her current job but she explained that she would have been almost ‘on the other side’ since the police detain offenders whereas YOTS staff encourage reparation and retraining.

We had to do Ting’s shots first because he was due in court at midday ‘because he got breached.’  He wears an electronic tag so he must’ve not met the conditions of his curfew.  It was almost funny though, as he was playing the part of an old man and had his ginger hair sprayed white and make-up on his face, then he had to be taken to Batley Baths to borrow their showers to clean it all off before he was taken to court.  We didn’t know if that would be the last we saw of him.

Filming continued with Romeo and Juliet shooting their scenes but it was a bit like pulling teeth.  Juliet wasn’t in the mood and it was getting later and later, and the more that they messed around the less likely it was that they were going to get away on time.  Everyone else was in the next room which was a nightmare because we could hear them all while we were recording. 

Ting returned a little later to a round of applause.  It was his first breach and he apologised explaining that it was a simple mistake (he was home just after 7pm) and said that he was sorry for wasting the court’s time.  I was just glad to see him back!

Tomorrow is the last day.  I feel very emotional.  I feel that I have got to know all of these kids very well, and I have watched them grow over the summer.  They have the chance to change their lives now, but after tomorrow it is up to them…


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