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October 9, 2010

It has been a while since I updated my blog.  I have been concentrating on pulling an exhibition together which will combine my photographs, the young offenders’ artwork, and a short film that they created about the dangers of M-CAT.  This will be at Project Space Leeds from 6th November to 4th December, Wednesdays to Saturdays 12-5pm, with a Private View on Wednesday 10th November, 6-8pm.

I went to a celebration event as well, where the young offenders got their arts awards.  It was wonderful to see them all again (well, nearly all of them; one didn’t make it and two are in prison.)  They had brought their friends and families – all apart from Ting whose Dad didn’t come (break my heart).

I was, yet again, wrong about the event.  I had (very wrongly) assumed that the parents must be a certain type, to have kids who have strayed so far off the ‘normal’ path, but at the end, a lovely lady came to talk to me.  She was one of the kids Mum.  She said she had been a photographer for 15 years before she had had her daughter and gave it all up.  She was well-spoken and presentable, and said that “you don’t plan for this to happen.”

This made the experience all the more poignant for me – anyone’s child could end up in this situation.

But, I know that you are still wondering about the kids in prison.  I don’t know the details, but two of the lads are now inside for charges that they were awaiting sentencing on, or were convicted of consequently.

One lad is on the run, and I worry about him daily.  He hasn’t done anything terrible as far as I can work out (which reminds me of one of my first blogs when I was talking about which crimes are more or less ‘acceptable’ than others).  He must be very scared.  I hope that he hands himself in, or is found soon.

I have sent the 35 images that I have selected for the exhibition to print.  I am very excited.  It was a very hard process to whittle them down from 3500.  I visited the venue last night as there was someone else’s Private View on, so it was good to see the gallery in full swing.  It is exactly 4 weeks until it opens!