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May 5, 2011

Spent another day photographing the clients at St George’s Crypt, Leeds.  Despite horrendous things that have happened to many homeless people, most of them still have hope.  Hope for the future; hope that their lives will not always be like this.


Here’s a little taster…

May 4, 2011

of my project with homeless people: ‘He is my friend’

St George’s Crypt is a homeless charity in Leeds with a Christian ethos.  Homelessness is often the effect of an array of ways that these people have been let down by friends, family and society as a whole.  The result can be a chaotic journey into alcohol and drug abuse, imprisonment and mental health problems.  Despite their situations, they care about each other and are grateful for random acts of kindness.

It’s like buses

May 4, 2011

It’s been a while since my last confession, months in fact.  I ended up doing a major exhibition called ‘Shooting Young Offenders,’ which went really well, and I am now on with a couple of new projects; one with teenage cancer patients and one with homeless people.  The cancer patients project came about because someone working on the ward saw my photos and asked if I could capture life on their ward.  It is a totally inspirational place with the emphasis being a positive one; no matter how long or short a time the young people spend on it, the team believe that they will make the experience a positive one.

The homeless project has been two years in the making, and celebrates St George’s Crypt’s 8oth anniversary.  I am working with Steve Huison (from Coronation St and ‘The Full Monty’ fame) and Ian Clayton (writer) to capture people’s stories.   I was concerned that the ‘clients’ wouldn’t want to share their memories, but it was like a tap opening…