No time like the present

So, how did I go from a successful marketing manager for a legal firm, to becoming a photographer.  Well, it is all about passion.  Six months ago, I was doing a challenging job helping a legal firm with their pitch process.  I did this on a part-time basis; on a Friday I looked after my little girl and on a Monday I indulged in my passion for photography.

Pretty soon, this passion became an addiction.  My first taste of success was winning a photography competition at work.  I bought a new lens with my prize and took more photographs.  I then went on a photographic holiday in Spain and it ruined my life.  I realised that I had to give photography all of my attention if I wanted to be as good as I believed I could be.  So, when the call for voluntary redundancies came out, I watched myself putting up my hand.

Regrets?  Not one, although it has been far from plain-sailing and I have a lot to learn.

Last year I had my first exhibition, and my work has been in Starbucks in Borders, Browns Gallery (Otley), Shine (Harehills) and Serendipity (Batley).  I have also done a number of portrait sessions and weddings.

I am particularly interested in documentary photography; photography that tells a story or represents a charity or cause, so if you know of any stories that need telling please do let me know.

Kirsteen x


One Response to “No time like the present”

  1. Paula Beaton Says:

    Hi Kirsteen,

    Im thinking of doing something similar to what you did – photographing young offenders. I wondered if there is any advice, tips or insights you could give me into your time spent on this project?
    You can reach me by email at the above address – I’d love to hear about your experiences!

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